About Asmus Farm Cottage




About Asmus Farm Cottage

Martin and Rosie, his pride and joy!

It all started in 2015 with a three Tamworth pigs, Sausage, Bacon and Salami! Martin had dreamt of keeping pigs from being a small child (asking his mum for one every Christmas and birthday!). He loved our first three pigs so much that it wasn’t long until we bought our first breeding sow, Rosie, from the Chatsworth House farm in Derbyshire. We then welcomed Hugo our boar from some friends in Warrington and soon had lots of little Gloucester Old Spots running around!

After trying several breeds, we decided that the pigs with the nicest temperament which also produced the tastiest meat for us was Old Spot and Saddleback. And in fact they also cross breed very well. We have two Gloucester Old Spots boars, Hugo and Buster and a mixture of Old Spots and Saddleback sows. Therefore we sometimes have pure Old Spot pork in our shop and sometimes it is a cross.

We started off making sausages and butchering the pork for ourselves and friends. High demand led to us converting a portion of our house into a small shop/butchery in 2016 and we have recently extended the shop and are selling a few other lines.

We are extremely passionate about what we do here at Asmus Farm Cottage. We are all about high welfare, free ranging, slow grown animals and this in turn produces an amazing product. Many of us are making the move to eating less meat but of a higher quality and we strongly support this. We are also keen to lower food miles and see more Farm to Fork eating. We hope to see you soon!

Martin and Jane x