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Deliveries 18th February

Good morning!
This was last night’s tea – absolutely delicious and Martin’s favourite! Simple roast belly pork with a bit of thyme and garlic served with potatoes cooked around the meat and a dressed green salad. Or why not make a fantastic gravy with the juices from the pan? It was so good that we have decided to include a piece of belly pork for you to roast in next week’s meat pack! Delicious hot or cold! 

£25 Meat pack for delivery on Thursday, 18th February will include:

Piece of Belly Pork
500g Traditional Sausages
500g Minced Pork
4 Lincolnshire Whirls
Packet of Lardons

Delivery will be in the daytime on Thursday, 18th February. Payment either contactless on the doorstep or by bank transfer please. To order a meat pack please email or ring or text Jane on 07969462211 with your address and a contact number. We also have a new landline number 01204 781747 which is now working fine!! Please do not reply to this email as it will bounce back to WordPress.

**If possible can you let us know by Sunday, 14th February please so we know how much meat we will need!**

Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy a break from home schooling this half term! Yippee!!

Take Care and Stay Safe,

Martin & Jane x

Cooking Belly Pork – If possible, leave the meat in your fridge uncovered overnight to dry out the skin before cooking. When ready to cook, salt the skin really well and I usually start it off at 220 for half an hour then reduce it to 170 for a couple of hours, but keep an eye on it. If the skin isn’t crackled enough then turn the heat back up at the end  to crisp it up. Alternatively see for tips! You must make sure that the fat has rendered down and the meat is tender. Enjoy! x


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